Install a UV Max disinfection system and you no longer have to be concerned about waterborne pathogenic organisms causing illness. UV systems kill bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens by preventing them from reproducing


The UVMax Pro models are all NSF Certified and guarantee proper UV disinfection to the required 40m/J for complete disinfection of your water. Include the lamp-age display and alarm system w/reset button. They also include a UV intensity monitor, which is used to keep a close eye on the amount of UV you are getting into your water. The unique design also offers a digital diagnostic display for ease of use. Optional com center and solenoid kits are available.

UVMax Pro

$2,785.00 Regular Price
$2,228.00Sale Price
    • Does not affect taste, color or odor of the water
    • Capable of destroying 99.9% of harmful microorganisms including: E. coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia
    • 10-50 GPM peak flow
    • Easy to maintain
    • UV lamp now lasts 2 years! Twice as long as any other UV system.
    • Natural and safe disinfection without the use of harmful chemicals
    • No disinfection by-products
    • Fast acting!
    • Effective against a broader range of organisms than chlorine
    • Best warranty on the market